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Plastic Based Fully Threaded Stainless Steel Levelling Feet

The CDHPA and CDHPA-F plastic base fully stainless steel threaded levelling foot range is the perfect solution for low to middle weight applications, equipped with an easy clean base and if required an anti-slip rubber pad.

Certified Hygienic Stainless Steel Levelling Feet

The CDXH and CDXH-F are the perfect solution to meet the strictest hygienic standards.  All parts are 100% hygienic sealed ideally for applications were bacteria must be blocked.

Stainless Base Fully Threaded Stainless Steel Levelling Feet

All levelling feet within the range benefit from a stainless wide footplate base which offers the best variety of sizes making a perfect range solution for most applications.


Tilt Glides

Adjustable Load Feet or levelling feet range is used when the overall height of your application needs to change or be set at a certain height to match other factory equipment.


With this range we can offer hygienic solutions or standard stainless steel height adaptable casters for all applications.


Coldene HLS is able to deliver all necessary accessories which ensure a quick and easy installation of the levelling foot.