Standard Industrial Stainless Steel - Swivel Castor (Different Wheel Options Available)

A high quality 304 Grade European Stainless Steel Castor which meets with all European DIN Standards. Available in Swivel, Swivel Braked, Fixed, Bolt Hole and Bolt Hole Braked Options. , Stainless Steel Castors are most commonly found in Food, Medical and Process Equipment Environments .
Manufacturer: Coldene
£15.29 Inc VAT

**Next day delivery on popular sizes**

Product Code Diameter Top Plate Hole Centre Overall Height Load Rating
CDSTPSS80PU/PB 80MM 105x85MM 80X60MM 108MM 150kg
CDSTPSS100PU/PB 100MM 105X80MM 80X60MM 128MM 150kg
CDSTPSS125PU/PB 125MM 105X80MM 80X60MM 155MM 150kg
CDSTPSS150PU/PB 150MM 105X80MM 80X60MM 180MM 200kg
CDSTPSS200PU/PB 200MM 140X110MM 105X80MM 236MM 400kg
CDSTPSS80NY 80MM 105x85MM 80X60MM 108MM 100kg
CDSTPSS100NY 100MM 105X80MM 80X60MM 128MM 150kg
CDSTPSS125NY 125MM 105X80MM 80X60MM 155MM 300kg
CDSTPSS150NY 150MM 105X80MM 80X60MM 180MM 350kg
CDSTPSS200NY 200MM 140X110MM 105X80MM 236MM 400kg