Threaded square inserts

Square threaded insert to accommodate adjustable levelling mounts and feet. Quick and easy to fit and are held in stock in our warehouse.
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Part Number (SKU)   Thread  
Wall Thickness
PP30-12, 1,5mm   12,00 mm   30,00 mm   1.5mm
PP40-12, 1,5mm   12,00 mm   40,00 mm   1.5mm
PP30-16,1,5mm   16,00 mm   30,00 mm   1.5mm
PP40-16, 1,5mm   16,00 mm   40,00  mm   1.5mm
PP40-16, 2,0mm   16,00 mm   40,00 mm   2.0mm
PP50-16, 2,0mm   16,00 mm   50,00 mm   2.0mm
PP50-16, 2,5mm   16,00 mm   50,00 mm   2.5mm
PP40-20, 1,5mm   20,00 mm   40,00 mm   1.5mm
PP40-20, 2,0mm   20,00 mm   40,00 mm   2.0mm
PP50-20, 1,5mm   20,00 mm   50,00 mm   1.5mm
PP50-20, 2,0mm   20,00 mm   50,00 mm   2.0mm
PP50-20, 2,5mm   20,00 mm   50,00 mm   2.5mm
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